About Us

We are a new social media site with a local community and neighborhood focus: our Mission is to provide a more meaningful and enriched social media experience
to all our users and contribute to their level of awareness and engagement in their own local communities.

When you register with us you will have access to profiles of other users in your own area and be able to communicate with them in any way you want:
search for users with similar interests, reply to their posts in public, invite them for a private chat or start following them and never miss a post

As bonus you will also have access to most recent posts, videos and events in your area from other social media sites and be able to schedule posts and
review your reponses from one place free of charge

Stay Informed and Engaged at all times. Meet new people in your own community. Find new real life friendships. Manage all your social media accounts in one place. 


How It Works

Signup to My-Eye: first enter your basic personal info then click on home address and enter city and country you want to register for and finally drag the red marker to your exact location on map and click on confirm button

Your Home Address can be changed, but only once in 3 months. On any given day you can enter a new city and country for your Travel Address, however this service is subject to a small fee of $2.5 a month

You now have access to posts and profiles of all other users in same area plus most recent posts from Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Eventbrite and Eventful within 1 mile radius of your select Home or Travel Address

You can also schedule posts to same social media platforms via My-Eye, but first you will have to authanticate your respective social media accounts 

My Area Posts: You will see most recent posts from different social media sites both on map and in list format, you can expend the list by clicking view more and see up to 50 postings from each site. List format also has filters to search by social media site, personal attributes, interests and post categories. You have to click on apply for filter to take affect and later click on reset to remove any/all filters. You can also see the same posts on google maps.

Post on My Area: You can directly Post on My-Eye or click on icon of any of other authanticated social media sites and schedule your post using Date & Time or Day & Time combo. My-Eye posts are completely free and will be seen by all other users within 1-mile radius of your address 

My Post History: In this section you can keep track of your own My-Eye or other social media postings, only 3 most recent posts will be here, for the full list of your positing history, click on Review More.

My Followers and Following: Post something fun & engaging and other users in your area might start following you. Or you can follow others whom you find interesting and you will never miss their posts. Do you have the most followers in your area? then your posts will always stay at the top of the list 

Chat Activity List: You can reply a post in public for all other users to see or send a private chat request to any other in your home and/or travel address. In this section you can see all pending, active and blocked chat requests. You can also delete chat requests or block users from sending you new requests

My Account Settings (My User Profile): At top left hand you will see a a copy of original signup form to change your account settings; such as Home and Travel Address; Personal Interests and Attributes. Next to it on right side is your User Profile Card, which contains summary of your personal information as seen by other users

At the bottom right corner, you have the Payment Options section for users who want to experience travel section and become a paying member; you can choose from our different options; $4 month to $30 year and pay with your credit card or PayPal account. As an alternative you can also complete our survey and have one time free access to same features for a period of 30 days

Left bottom corner have our Statistics section if you are ever curious about user demographics in your home or travel address then that’s the area to check. However, for this section to work properly, you must select your own personal attributes, interests and must be using post categories in your My-Eye posts.