About Us

We are a new social media site with a local community and neighborhood focus: our Mission is to provide a more meaningful and enriched social media experience to all our users and contribute to their level of awareness and engagement in their own local communities.

By registering to our site, you get free access to all other active users in your home area. You can reply to their public posts, invite them for a private chat or follow users with whom you share similar interests.

Our site also offers list of popular Events and Bargains close to your home address. You can even create your own Event or Group (we call it Tribes), invite other like-minded users, and enjoy our private group chat.

What else? you also have access to most recent and trending YouTube videos, Tweets and Flickr images from 2-mile radius of your signup address. Our goal is to keep you informed, engaged, and always entertained.

We want to give you the chance to meet new people in your own community and find new real-life friendships based on shared interests